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About Krunker

Krunker io - The Best io Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game. Free To Play Online. Win the game by defeating other players.

I think you need to take action immediately. Please survive for a long time.

It is a multiplayer game and you will feel the enjoyment of a slimmed down version of the counter strike game. You will keep you entertained in the game with the latest functionality and features. In the game, there are multiple guns to choose from so that you can target your enemy effectively and with perfect aim.

Think Call of Duty-style first-person shooter with a Roblox-like aesthetic that anybody can play free in their browser, on almost any device - no downloads required. players can choose to arm themselves with assault rifles, rocket launchers, revolvers, light machine guns and pretty much everything in between. Good luck!

How To Play Krunker


Aim: C

Next Weapon: Q

Previous Weapon: E

Chat: Enter

Voice: V

You can use WASD to move in the game to reach from one place to another.

If you want to take the shoot at any of another player in a short time then you should click left for the shoot.

When your weapon gets empty and you want to reload it then R is the key which you can use to reload your gun.

SPACEBAR is used to take a jump over the things to move from them.

You can press SHIFT for the crouch

F is the effective key which can help you to spray.

Tips And Trick To Play Krunker

You can use the key WASD to move your character in the game to defend yourself and to follow the other players.

If you want to shoot you, enemy, then use can use left click to target your aim perfectly and it will also help you to get your score.

In the battle, while your gun got empty then the key R will effective to reload your weapons.

You can use the space bar to jump over the hurdles and any obstacles to moving from them.

It is better to press shift to crouch for the effective and smooth gameplay and better gaming experience.

The player can use the key F to spray paint if they want to spray on the wall of their enemies. All the information you can get easily with finding the variety of tips.